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More than a simple bike itinerary, That’s our concept!

What if you take your time for a discover itinerary? A City is not to be discovered any more, It is to be lived.

A bicycle allows you to live next to the local people in their environment and to learn more about them.

"If a different way of travelling weren’t only a state of mind"...
Environment-friendly tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Responsible tourism, Fair tourism, supportive tourism, soft tourism...  It’s difficult to find one’s way around all these different names. What it is important to keep in mind first of all is that these are holidays which aim to be environment and mankind-friendly.

"A territory’s discovery experience is made in a more authentic way "
However, there are slight differences among these various forms of tourism: sustainable tourism and the responsible tourism are synonyms. They indicate all the kinds of tourism which involves an environmental, cultural and local economy respect.

Fair tourism and supportive tourism have an exchange and meeting approach.  These kinds of tourism respect mankind and its culture. They mean a fairer distribution of the profits generated by the tourist activity (the local population is often involved in the activity) and a participation in the development of the territory. The tourism in these cases is done in order to improve the living conditions of the visited community.

Environment-friendly tourism
is based on the experience of the natural environment which encourages the observation, the study and the environmental protection. It is also a culture and the local population respectful tourism.

Soft tourism
has a different approach from tourism. It is a matter of taking time to discover a territory by favoring the soft means of transport and nearer destinations. This way a territory’s discovery experience is made in a more authentic way

Sometimes it is difficult to see the slight differences among all these different kinds of tourism because they have close meanings. But we can notice that the three main pillars of the sustainable tourism are: a fair and viable economy on the long term, an environmental protection, and the respect for the authenticity sociocultural of local people.

Sustainable tourism has appeared when people got aware of the major issues of the sustainable development. We realize that tourism can also have negative impacts on the environment; the pollution produced by the transports, water and energy consumption, all the waste coming from hosting and tourist structures, and also an unequal distribution of the profits generated by the tourism between North / South countries are other elements that allow to question the tourism of the territories.

It’s in1993 that the term of sustainable tourism appeared for the first time in a guide published by the WTO (World Tourism Organization): " Sustainable Tourism Development: A Guide for Local Planners " This guide of sustainable tourism gives information on planning, development and management of local tourism, its aim is to help local authorities to choose the best options to valorize the local tourism. It tells the importance of a good tourism management: "the environment" is the basis of the natural and cultural resources which attract tourists. Consequently, the environmental protection is imperative for its long-term success. »

Camille Schmidlin
UrbanBike City Tour

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