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General Terms of Sale


1-1- Hereby establish, to date, the General Terms of Sale of the services commercialized by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR on the hereby website, that’s to say the organization of itineraries on Electric Bike and Traditional Bike with guide, according to predefine courses, allowing the discovery of Languedoc Roussillon’s cities (Béziers, Montpellier, Nîmes....) The itineraries are made in French and in English. Itineraries in Spanish are possible under request.
1-2- The website, hereby, is published by: SAS IAM BIKE Society - capital 12000 € - Head Office: Béziers. RCS Béziers
Telephone number: +33 (0)6 12 58 57 65 – E-mail :


General Terms of Sale hereby are reserved to consumers solely, in the sense given by the law and jurisprudence, acting exclusively for their own account. According to the articles L. 111-1 and L. 111-3 of the French Consumer’s Code, the main characteristics and the prices of Goods and Services sold on line are available on the website.
General Terms of Sale, hereby, are applicable to all sales of Goods and Services via a salesman or via the website. General Terms of Sale hereby apply to all the CUSTOMERS all who participate in the services sold, even if the CUSTOMER did not book the service himself. When taking part on the service sold, the CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted the hereby General Terms of Sale. Special conditions of sale of each itinerary (Price, parcours, etc..) and the General Terms of Sale will be the current ones on the website in the date of the booking confirmation.
URBANBIKE CITY TOUR can change at any time all or a part of the General Terms of Sale hereby. The CUSTOMER declares that he is aware of the General Terms of Sale hereby before the booking validation. Booking validation means thus that he accepts the General Terms of Sale hereby without restriction or reserve.


Any deterioration, as well as, in the absence of authorization, any representation, reproduction, modification, commercial, total or partial use, from the various elements of the website is forbidden and the responsible(s) risk legal proceedings. The General Terms of Sale hereby do not take the authorization to represent, reproduce, modify or use commercially the various elements of the website.


URBANBIKE CITY TOUR has the right to change and improve its services when it’s considered necessary or useful. Besides, URBANBIKE CITY TOUR has the right, without any advance notice or compensation, to stop definitively a service or all the services proposed on the websites and will not be responsible for any kind of damage that could be caused by this fact.


The services are normally accessible by the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year long. URBANBIKE CITY TOUR nevertheless reserves the right, without any advance notice or compensation, to close temporarily the access to it and will not be responsible for any kind of damage that could be caused by this fact.


6.1 Availability
The reservation of a service sold by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR has to be made at least 48 hours in advance. After that, URBANBIKE CITY TOUR cannot guarantee the reservation.
6.2 Terms of reservation
In order to book a service, the CUSTOMER has to access the page of the website concerning the reservation. On this page, you can see, the several itineraries proposed by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR corresponding to a particular theme / circuit as well as their timetable. The CUSTOMER chooses the wanted itinerary as well as the date of the tour. Then, he chooses the amount of tours that he wishes to reserve, the number of participants on the tour and the date chosen. When it’s done, the CUSTOMER clicks on icon "Add to basket". Then he shall check aIl the order items and if necessary, identify and correct errors. An error on the data entered does not allow a cancellation of the reservation.
6.3. To finish his reservation, the CUSTOMER has to create a CUSTOMER ACCOUNT on the website, according to the terms of the General Terms of Use and the validation of the General Terms of Sale hereby. At the moment of the creation of the CUSTOMER ACCOUNT, the customer is committed to provide exact and sincere information on his situation, as well as to check the concerned information before every new order and to correct the information on-line on his CUSTOMER ACCOUNT, if necessary. This personal information – called nominative information - necessary for the management of the orders and for business connections, will be kept in the database of URBANBIKE CITY TOUR.
In particular, the following information are required: title, first name, name, year of birth, address, e-mail address, so that URBANBIKE CITY TOUR can validate an order.
6.4. In order to be able to book, the CUSTOMER clicks on « Accept » placed under the following text : « I have read the General Terms of Sale of the hereby website and the particular conditions of my order showed on my order basket and I agree with it ». Clicking on « Accept » means the CUSTOMER’s complete agreement of the General Terms of Sales hereby and the particular conditions concerning each service showed on the screen of booking confirmation. The CUSTOMER can print the screen of the booking confirmation de reservation and the acceptation clause in order to keep his booking information. He shall write down his reservation number which will be asked in case of complaint.
6.5. The CUSTOMER validates his reservation by paying.
The CUSTOMER can abandon his reservation until the validation of its payment.


7.1 The CUSTOMER pays his order by credit card, through a secure transaction which assures the CUSTOMER on the respect of the confidentiality of his secret code, as well as a part of the number of his bank card. The accepted bank cards are Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard / MasterCard network. The transaction is immediately debited from the customer’s bank card after data checking, with the arrival of the debit authorization from the company responsible for the bank card used by the Customer. According to the article L. 132-2 of the Monetary-Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. When the Customer gives information concerning his credit card, he authorizes URBANBIKE CITY TOUR to charge the amount corresponding to the Price All Inclusive from his credit card. To that purpose, the Customer confirms that he’s the holder of the bank card to be debited and that it’s his own name which is written the bank card. The Customer informs his credit card’s sixteen numbers, its expiration date and the 3-digit security code. If the debit of Price All Inclusive is not possible, the on-line Sale would be solved immediately by full rights and the Order would be cancelled. URBANBIKE CITY TOUR makes all the efforts to insure the confidentiality and the security of the data on the website.
7.2. When the code of the bank card is entered and validated, the reservation is confirmed and cannot be cancelled and you cannot get your money back. When the payment is validated by the bank, URBANBIKE CITY TOUR sends an e-mail to the CUSTOMER to confirm it to the e-mail address informed on the CUSTOMER account. Once this e-mail received, the customer assumes the acknowledgement of his reservation. This confirmation e-mail has also a link to an on-line printable invoice.


According to the article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the CUSTOMER has the right of retraction of seven days from the validation of its reservation. However, the article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code states that leisure activities services which must be done in a certain date do not enter in this case and the right of retraction of seven days is not applicable.


9.1 Booking cancellation by the customer
If the CUSTOMER wants to cancel his reservation, he needs to inform URBANBIKE CITY TOUR at least one month before the beginning of the ordered service, via e-mail to the following address:, by telephone to the following number: +33(0)6 12 58 57 65 by an acknowledgment letter to the following address SAS IAM BIKE – 14 Impasse de l'Enclos des Pins - 34470 Pérols. In case of cancellation by acknowledgment letter, the date of the letter arrival will be considered to calculate du above-mentioned deadline. You will be refunded within thirty days of cancellation via bank transfer (or in a reasonable deadline). All cancellation made after the day and the time of the service booked, will not be accepted by URBANBIKECITYTOUR and no refund will be possible. All partial or total interruption of the services made by the CUSTOMER will not allow any refund or compensation.
9.2. Cancellation of the service by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR
URBANBIKE CITY TOUR reserves the right to cancel the booked service, if the safety or the interest of the participants requires.
The decision to keep or to cancel a service belongs to
URBANBIKECITYTOUR. In case of cancellation by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR, the CUSTOMER will be refunded of the entire sum paid. In case of interruption of a service after departure, URBANBIKECITYTOUR is committed to refund all or a part of the total amount paid, whose amount will be estimated by it.
The refund will be made within thirty days (or within a reasonable deadline) after the cancellation date, by bank transfer.


The service prices are the ones written on the itinerary web page, on the date of the reservation.
Only the price indicated on the date of the reservation is valid.
The prices are in euros and are all taxes inclusive.


In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the data collected by URBANBIKECITYTOUR constitute the proof of all the past transactions between it and its customers. The history of the transactions between URBANBIKECITYTOUR and the CUSTOMER can be
accessed at any time on the website on « Your Account».


The contents of the services are described on the website. URBANBIKE CITY TOUR provides an Electric Bike and its equipments to the CUSTOMER, in order to make a predefined tour, with a guide.
12.1 The Electric bike and its equipments
The Electric bike (VAE) provided has enough autonomy for the proposed tour time and includes the following accessories:
- an anti-theft device situated on the frame,
- a poncho in case of rain
- a protection helmet and a life-jacket
- a bottle of water
The bike has two children seats. A child seat, fixed in front of the bicycle is suitable for a child from one to 4 years old, who weighs less than 18 Kgs. Another child seat, situated on the rear, is suitable for a child from 5 to 10 years old, who weighs less than 22 Kgs.
12.2 The access to the services
The access to the services of URBANBIKECITYTOUR is open to children from 8 to 18 years old accompanied by an adult matching the criteria of weight and size below. The bike can be ridden by a person measuring more than 1.50m and weighing less than 100 kg.
12.3 Tour progress The meeting points are next to the Tourist offices at the indicated time. The departure tour point is at the place of Electric Bike delivery on the following address: According to the cities – see details on the website
The CUSTOMER shall be present at the meeting point at least 15
minutes before the departure time. The time written on the booking confirmation must be respected. Any delay on the planned schedule can result on a tour cancellation, without any refund or compensation.
12.4 The guide
Before the departure, the guide tells the security rules, distributes the
safety equipments and explain how the Electric Bikes
and the traditional Bikes work. The guide decides on the rhythm of the visit, on the breaks and on the routes to take, which he adapts according to the participants abilities. The guide reserves the right to cancel a tour or to change an itinerary for safety needs or on the interest of the participants.
12.5 Conditions for the Customer participation
The CUSTOMER is committed to use the bicycle in a reasonable and careful way. The CUSTOMER declares to be able to ride an electric bike and to have a physical condition adapted to its use. The CUSTOMER is committed to respect the traffic rules and safety instructions given by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR, in the parking and on the public roads. The CUSTOMER is not authorized to leave the group, except if it’s the guide’s decision. The CUSTOMER is his responsible for his own acts on public roads and in the parking. URBANBIKE CITY TOUR is not responsible for any accident resulted from misbehavior of the CUSTOMER or others. The CUSTOMER takes care of the Electric bike and its equipments under his responsibility. 12.6 Bike return The CUSTOMER is committed to return the bike provided in the end of the tour. The bike must be returned to the delivery point of electric bikes at the following address: Meeting point of the departure.


URBANBIKE CITY TOUR provides to its customers, an electric bike in good working order, revised in a regular basis and in compliance with the current regulations and safety requirements. URBANBIKE CITY TOUR has a civil liability insurance.
During the tour, the guide gives safety instructions, that the CUSTOMER is committed to follow.
The safety instructions are available and printable at the following:
The safety instructions are sent by e-mail to each customer that books a service.
The CUSTOMER is able to ride the bicycle he uses. The liability of URBANBIKE CITY TOUR cannot be requested in case of damage sustained by the CUSTOMER during the tour.
The CUSTOMER is liable of the damages that he could cause to third parties or other participants during the tour. Parents or legal representatives of a minor taking part of a tour will be liable for the damages caused by him during the tour.
The CUSTOMER is aware that he must personally have a civil liability insurance, that covers him particularly in case of bicycle use, in order to guarantee in case of damage occurring during the tour. For want of having this insurance, he could not blame URBANBIKE CITY TOUR the absence of this personal assurance. All the fines and offenses that could be owed because of the use of the Electric Bike by the CUSTOMER are his own responsibility.


From their provision and until their return by the CUSTOMER, the Electric bike and its equipments are released in the custody of the CUSTOMER.
The CUSTOMER will be the only responsible in case of loss, theft or deterioration of the provided bike and its equipments.
In case of loss, theft or deterioration of the bike and its equipments, the CUSTOMER is committed to compensate URBANBIKE CITY TOUR by paying an estimated maximum compensation according to the updated fees available on this address and that are the following:
Following components broken, stolen or deteriorated:
Theft or total destruction: 350 Euros
Anti-theft or battery keys:
  • Tyre: As per estimation
  • Motor: As per estimation
  • Battery: As per estimation
  • Frame: As per estimation
  • Mudguard: As per estimation
  • Horn: As per estimation
  • Luggage rack: As per estimation
  • Disc brake: As per estimation
  • Cable and/or gear cable: As per estimation
  • Front light: As per estimation
  • Rear light: As per estimation
  • Spokes: As per estimation
  • Front fork: As per estimation
  • Chain : As per estimation
  • Dérailleur : As per estimation
  • Speed cassette: As per estimation
  • Sac e-bike tours : As per estimation
  • Handle bar: As per estimation
  • Saddle : As per estimation
  • Pedal: As per estimation
The CUSTOMER declares to be aware of these fees and is committed to pay the pre-established compensation on the first request of URBANBIKE CITY TOUR. The CUSTOMER authorizes in advance URBANBIKE CITY TOUR to ask, the day before the service, a request of authorization of a withdraw of 350 € from his bank account, being specified that this amount will not be taken. In case of damage, the CUSTOMER authorizes URBANBIKE CITY TOUR to take from his bank account the amount of the fees owed according to the list below.


The data collected is subjected to an electronic processing in order to assure the follow-up and to make sure things are running smoothly with CUSTOMER’s account and to manage the bookings, (sometimes: its accesses to the various website pages, in particular shareware).
According to the law « Data protection and civil liberties » Act of 6 January 1978 modified in 2004, the CUSTOMER the right to access and rectify information relating to him, which he can ask by writing to URBANBIKE CITY TOUR, 14 Impasse de l'Enclos des Pins 34470, or via e-mail to
The CUSTOMER can also, for des legitimate purposes, oppose to the data processing concerning him. Possibly: At the moment of the CUSTOMER account creation on the website, the CUSTOMER can choose if he wishes to receive the offers from URBANBIKE CITY TOUR and its partners.


During the tours, some pictures of the CUSTOMERS can be taken.
The CUSTOMER is informed and accepts that the pictures on which he appears can be published by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR on its website and on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..., for promotional purposes..
If the CUSTOMER does not want that the pictures on which he appears are published by URBANBIKE CITY TOUR on its website, he must inform
URBANBIKE CITY TOUR before the beginning of the service or after that by sending an e-mail to the following address


Hereby are governed, interpreted and applied according to the French law, the applicable language being French in case of contestation on the meaning of a term or measure hereby. In case it is translated into one or several languages, only the text in French will be valid in case of dispute. Subject to the applicable law measures concerning jurisdiction, the courts of the head office of URBANBIKE CITY TOUR are only ones able to evaluate any dispute concerning the execution or the interpretation of the issues hereby.
The renunciation by one of the parts of a Contract’s clause cannot be interpreted as a renunciation of another Contract’s clause.
The possible cancellation of a Contract’s clause could not be considered the cancellation of all or part of the Contract; such a clause would be considered not written.
The titles before the articles of the Contract hereby establish only indications.
In case of interpretation difficulties between one of these titles and a disposition of the Contract hereby, the titles will be declared to be non-existents.

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